Friday, March 13, 2009

213- M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S...MAKIN' MEMORIES!...#1...

When sponsor for different classes over the years, each one was given a Motto, and one was "Makin' Memories!" A huge "Signature Wall" (4'x8') idea was created, beginning in 1980, and now extends the length of an entire hall and was agreed on to go down the other side of the hall. In the meantime, after the huge success of the "Signature Wall" for years, art windows were installed in the "unused-to-be" space on the opposite side, ending the early "Signature Walls".
Now, all of the future grads?...go figure!!
Each "Signature Wall" has a designated year, with hundreds of that year's grads individually signing before sealing on the wall. This educator is proud of that creation! For over 20 years, students have come back and touched their name on the "Signature Wall", remembering their MEMORIES and those of their friends.

a- How important are memories in your life? A friend's mom died recently...when the granddaughter stood up, recently, to express the importance of her grandmother's life, composing the eulogy beforehand, she began the most important "speech" of her life and developed a tear or three as she proceeded....BUT, she COMPLETED her memories of love for her grandmother with words. She was "Makin' Memories!"
b- Learning to bake cookies or a cake? Did you have a neat Mom who told you to actually use your fingers to scrap and lick the batter from the bowl? Those WERE memories!
c- Skipping across a meadow! Bet none of you have ever actually learned to SKIP across a yard! My maternal grandmother, when little Ronnie would visit on her farm in Rockingham County, Virginia, once taught me to skip across her meadow from the farmhouse up to the ancient barn. And RON can still do it! I could really FLY across a meadow, skipping...try it? That's one of a thousand or three memories from that old farm!
d- Ice skating! Remember when, in Virginia, it was actually cold enough for a spell for the ponds and lakes to freeze enough to ice skate? This guy had a secret "dream" to zoom across a long stretch of lake ice, going from foot to foot to FLY! But the bestest "dream" was to skate an "8"! While researching through early '50s and '60s Virginia Gazettes on microfilm at the Library, would come across scenes of skaters on Lake Matoaka. Ah...memories of ice skating in our town....
e- MANNERS? Do you remember, memories, when most people in our society felt them inside, internalization, and practiced that Golden Rule of decent manners to and with others? What happened?
f- Memories...a pot of homemade vegetable soup barely simmering all morning on the stove...yeast rolls rising nearby with a cloth across the top?
g- An undisturbed and much needed NAP in the YOU MAKE time?
h- Reading a fresh NOVEL, curled up snug as a bug in a quilt on the sofa, smackdab during a rainy day?...with that neat feeling that a hidden world is inside your own own mind and not in a boob-tube sitting in front of you?
i- What it feels like to receive a LETTER in the USPS postbox from an overdue friend...and you open it quickly, walking back to the pad, reading every word as you wander back?
j- Jumping rope?...singing those silly songs learned years ago with jump-mates?
k- Swinging so high, letting go and sailing through the air...and landing on your feet? They oughta put you on "Dancing With The Swingers"?
l- Dumb jokes? Know what "seafood" is? Knock, knock.....?

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