Saturday, February 7, 2009


Think about it....
(Secret: early B&W films used chocolate syrup instead of blood in scenes. For example, in the original shower scene in the B&W 'Psycho'?...chocolate syrup was used for the shower scene.)

Milton Hersey created his Kisses candy in 1912!...Mr. Goodbar...Krackle...Snickers (family horse)...and what about that current EXTREME DARK CHOCOLATE fad? Will it stick around and become a fashion? I LIKE that Dark Chocolate with vous?

Let's see...a thick hot fudge chocolate sundae, made with "dirty vanilla" ice cream? Any DOVE chocolate candy, with those neat wrappers with sayings inside? How about a REAL chocolate malt milk shake?...a chocolate ice cream soda? M&Ms? Real hot chocolate made from scratch, NOT from a packet?

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