Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A wise elderly, corncob smokin' farmer, way back in a hollow on the front porch of his cabin high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, used to say that "askin' questions was a sign of intelligence!" So, I ventured, once, back up in his hollow while on a photography trip nearby to ask the mountain philospher about homemade peanut butter cookies. Why do they always have those crisscross fork marks on top?
"Tradition! Old-timey recipes, even today, call for using a fork to mix 'em, then roll into a small ball for bakin'. Since you got a fork there already, might as well flatten 'em out with it! Simple.... Also, since some folks hereabouts can't tolerate peanuts, that crisscrossing thang, if'n one can't read, tells 'em to beware of the peanuts...simple, again! Oh, that little crisscrossing stuff is kinda creative, cute and artistic, too. Know what I mean? My wife is the one that does 'em! I am not too darn swift in the kitchen. Know what I mean, jelly bean?"

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