Monday, December 8, 2008


CHRISTMAS!...I grew up celebrating and respecting, MY choice, the Christmas holidays...and many of the traditions surrounding the handful of days. I still do, after much education and activities that have stretched around the world! This sociologist and author likes the Christmas music and programs in my colonial hometown...the door decorations in the Restored Area...sitting quietly in historic Bruton Parish Church, by candlight, and listening to the harpsichord and church organ completely surrounding me sitting in George Washington's old high pew. A 15-minute presentation, "A Christmas Carol", on Duke of Gloucester Street, on the weekend, three times a day, is refreshing. And I cannot wait for this coming Saturday (13th) at 6pm to become a part of the College of William and Mary Yule Log Ceremony in and around the Sir Christopher Wren Great Hall.
What a tradition it will be..... I will continue to use the word Christmas, and traditions, in any and everything I write and experience. I, of course, consider it a personal choice, never forcing anyone else to follow another's direction...that's my Socratic style!

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