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Monday, October 3, 2011


A) Let's see, can you say...The Peoples Republic of China?
B) WHY?  HOW?  Our federal govt. continues to BORROW monies from, uh, China!  Won't be long
            before China...owns much of our...government!
C) ........

Saturday, October 1, 2011


A) YOUCEF is an Iranian pastor sentenced to death for the 'sharia law' crime of "apostasy", con-
           verting from Islam to Christianity!  Hanging is the "Mulahs'" method of execution.
B) He is married...he and his wife have two little boys!

C) The U.N. has not spoken out for his defense...in any form.
D) OUR U.S. Sec. of State, Clinton, finally, expressed a tepid response this week....
E) Our U.S. Commander-in-Chief has expressed nothing in public....
F) So far, the Pope has expressed nothing, publicly, in Youcef's defense....

G) AMER-I-CANS and PEOPLES of the World, please, speak out in huge numbers by the millions to STOP this terrible human rights travesty and do it across our Nation and the World NOW...please!! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011


A) HERMAN CAIN!   LATEST:  YOU DROPPED OUT, HERMAN..................................
B) ....but who do I believe will actually be elected in 2012?
C) This savvy pundit is sure that it will not be Obama!...bye-bye Chicagoan.....
D) ...but our next elected U.S. President WILL BE.....(coming).....

E) Also, who do I believe will, one day in the future, be elected our U.S. President?  Watch out for
         a currently elected person from Florida with the initials of.....M.R!
         Just had a brilliant thought...M.R. just may be selected as the V. P.  candidate...
          hmmmm, what a great team to turn OUR historic Nation back around from the CRONIES
         who set out over two years ago to lead our country down the road of socialism and
         incompetency from an administration who couldn't pee straight!

554- "WAR-SHINGTON".......?

NOTE:  our Amer-i-can Nation's capital is spelled and pronounced as..."WA-SHINGTON!!"
And not "WAR-SHINGTON!"  Makes a huge difference to this proud Amer-i-can...and to you!  See my point?

Friday, August 19, 2011

553- "GUILTY Of GENDER BIAS"?.....

A) Are you serious?  The "social crime" of GENDER BIAS has been allowed to permeate every society for centuries!  Why?  And who, for centuries, has made the decisions for the male gender to be "in charge"?  
B) Gosh, what was the year, right here in America, when over half of our citizens were "GIVEN" the right to, uh, VOTE?  Can you say...1919?  Own land in America?
C) Today, can ANY "qualifying" female be ordained a priest?
D) Today, can ANY "qualifying" female be ordained a rabbi?
E) Are you bold, honest enough to tell the world what happens, today, if your gender is female?  Do males have to wear covers on the head and faces?  Can women drive autos in most countries?  And who makes those decisions in most of those same countries?
F) In our America...will a female ever be ELECTED the President of our USA, in your lifetime?
G) Point:  females are, by far, more PRACTICAL in their approaches to examining and solving potential problems!

Monday, August 15, 2011

552- $70 MILLION A---D-A-Y?..........

A) THAT's,  Amer-i-cans, $70 MILLION A FREAKING DAY IN INTEREST that our country is paying, EVERY DAY, in interest for the monies BORROWED from......
B) ...C-H-I-N-A!
C) Now....try to imagine what Amer-i-cans and our country could do, every day, with that $70 million stuffed into China's pockets every day?  Even more so, take a gander at how the Chinese govt. is building and building and building their infrastructures and physical society!...with OUR monies!
D) ...that's OUR monies!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

551- 30 AMER-I-CANS...17 NAVY SEALS....

A) Last weekend...30 fellow Amer-i-cans, 17 of them U.S. NAVY SEALS, were ambushed in Afghanistan, and their large helicopter was hit by a "rocket" while they were on a mission in a small valley.  The 'copter broke into three sections and fell into a rocky stream, killing all on board, including a Special Forces dog.

B) This very-patriotic Amer-i-can, like millions of fellow Amer-i-cans, have felt a deep sorrow all of this week for the mission specialists who sacrificed their lives!!  And we especially thought, with reverence, of all of the families....

C) We may never be told the truth, by our "government", if the murders of the 30 were carefully planned in retaliation for the murder of bin Laden....?

D) Out of respect for the reverent memories of all of our fellow Amer-i-cans murdered last weekend in a country far from our Amer-i-can shores, and their families, this outspoken guy will reserve my future thoughts about "foreign wars" and the BILLIONS it's costing us for another...day!

Friday, May 20, 2011


A) PBS NOVA...the latest indepth research and discoveries centering around the many centuries old enigma of THE...S-P-H-I-N-X! revealed recently so much to solve the mystery.
B) The SPHINX...has the body of a lion and head of a pharaoh.  NOVA's highly intelligent researcher has methodically concluded that the "head" is that of Kahfre, guardian spirit for his entire burial complex.
D) Problem?  The figure was carved from natural limestone of Giza, right on the location and has been desintegrating since those first years of construction.  NOVA even spent quality time figuring out how the SPHINX was acually crafted....
E) The base is on or about 187'.   It's 20' wide and 66' in height at the head level.
F) Beard?  Not now, BUT the NOVA experts concluded that there was a customary long Egyptian beard at one time!

Friday, December 17, 2010


A) NO ONE can figure out how Latvian-American Edward Leedskalnin could have carved such huge stone works of art...alone...with no one ever watching him!  He named his 'castle'..."Rock Gate Park."
B) Coral Castle is located north of Homestead, Florida.  Some of you may remember this town for the devastating 1990's tornado.  Coral Castle was not hit.
C) His story, however, begins in Latvia when his 16-year-young fiancee jilted him a day before their wedding.  Edward came to America, claiming that he had TB.  The disease healed, he claims, using "magnets".
D) For nearly 30 years, no one was allowed to observe him work and create.  When you check out Google, you'll actually see some of the many large stone structures he fashioned...astounding to see!  He did acknowledge that his secret was his "perpetual motion holder."
E) Edward originally built his castle in 1923.  When he later was beaten badly by "hooligans" trying to rob him, he bought property ten miles away and spent three years actually moving what had been already built!  There, he secretly worked on his castle and many artworks until he passed in 1951.
F) All along, he charged visitors 10-cts to explore his "castle grounds."  When asked how it managed to create all of the heavy artworks, especially move them, he simply replied, "It's not difficult if you know how.
G) WHY did he built the remarable "castle"?  If he did answer, it would come as "Sweet Sixteen...."  That would be Agnes Scuffs (Skuvst)?  Another source years later claimed she was actually Hermine Lusis.
H) Leedskalnin became ill in December of 1951.  He proceeded to put a sign on the front gate door, "Going to the Hospital" and rode a bus to a Miami hospital, dying three days later.
I) Going through his personal belongings later, $3,500 in cash was discovered.  Since there was no will, the court awarded the castle and grounds to a nephew from Michigan. What happens to the castle property becomes a bit blurred in time....? 
J) ROCK GATE PARK to CORAL CASTLE...after a sale along the way, new owners changed the original of Coral Castle to the longer one, here!  It's NOW a tourist attraction.

K) "Magnetic Currents" was one of is pamphlets sold back in the '50s.  Would like to uncover a copy to see if Leedskalnin actually revealed any of his secrets to carving and especially moving all of his massive stone works!

L) YES, I would like to visit and explore his CORAL CASTLE...et vous?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

548- In MEMORY of.....JENNI-LYN WATSON.....

Jenni-Lyn Watson...bless her soul!

Jenni-Lyn, 20-year-young dance major (ballet), was a Junior at Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA.  She was on her Thanksgiving break and back at her parents' home in New York State.  Will not, here, go into more details out of respect for the late energetic college student and her family.....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

547- "I FORGOT WHAT YOU LOOKED LIKE, Daddy...."....

A) Learned, as a kid, to develop my "memory bank" abilities by going over details in my mind of the day's ADVENTURES...knew, some way, that I could use that 'silly' attribute one day? And, yes, over the years, have developed that skill in becoming a published author many times...over 160 newspaper essays, national and regional mag articles! Worked...works! This "secret" to writing and speaking is yours for the development and use.
B) BUT....sometimes the "skill" has to be "turned off" when negative reminders pop up that you don't need and want for the moment...you can control it with a bit of practice.
C) Once, when little Sarah came out for her weekend "visit", she immediately said: "Daddy, I was trying all week, and I couldn't 'member what you looked like." Then she smiled. "But now I 'membered! Can we go on some really neat adventures this weekend?"
D) A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E-S!!!...little ron rascal introduced them to myself as a munchkin. And guess what? ADVENTURES play an extremely important role in my first novel, THE SERPENTINE BOND!........wait...and...read!!!
E) Hey, bloggers, what do YOU think? Go for it! Learn and practice YOUR OWN fine art of storying DETAILS in your own "Memory Bank" for later use.....

Saturday, September 11, 2010


A) An entire neighborhood in Bruno, during the night, was totally flattened, as a result, we assume, from a natural gas explosion....
B) One of my many goals in life has been to, during the summers, and even weekends, actually work at many, many different jobs for the experiences and to earn $$$ for more educations. That included a fast-food burger joint...picking peaches...gardening...lifeguarding...dipping ice cream and much more. So, one summer I did work at a large natural gasline company---with the crew's assignments to go over a thick booklet list of reported natural gasline problems and decide which ones to tackle for the day and week. There were, by the way in this Shenandoah Valley town, hundreds of leaks. I deciding at the end of the summer that this one town would NEVER get to all of them...only a few every week!
C) One day, a longtime employee and only me, were sent out to check a leak. As I dug, by hand, down towards it, gas began to spew straight from the road. Yes, I freaked out a bit. My colleague calmly picked up a water bottle and poured some on a small pile of dirt, forming mud! Then, he stuck it on and in the gas leak spewing out...stopping it. He was in no hurry or pressed to proceed further. "I'll call the office and get 'em to send over a backhoe. Just sit down and rest a spell 'til they get here."
D) During that summer, I began to ask questions, as usual, and discovered from other company employees there so much that ticked me off. I also began yet another research project for discovery on the natural gas system all across our America! And, yes, since came to the shocking conclusion some time ago that our country was just waiting for many towns to explode!...really. All across America? Tens of thousands of natural gasline pipes, I surmise, have been in the ground for way over 50 years or more...that's OLD pipes!!!
E) As a matter of fact, that same premise, about Natural Gaslines being so old and decrepit, has been included as one of many serious problems near the concluding chapters in that first novel of mine---THE SERPENTINE BOND!---that many towns in our country sit on the verge of blowing up! Hmmm...and look what happened this week...........

Saturday, August 21, 2010


A) Do not take anything on face value, unless it is YOUR choice. At least pause for a moment or three to surround the facts thrown towards you.
B) Ask thinking-style questions...ponderables...WHY?...WHY NOT?
C) Asking savvy and curious questions is a sign of natural intelligence! You'll catch on to this neat process quickly for the rest of your life.
D) Watch a child when they ask lots of questions of a parent....or a teacher....
I CRINGE whenever I witness a parent or "adult" telling a child to 'SHUT UP'...or worse yet, slap them!
E) But observe a child when a parent is loving, patient and caring with a child....the child will, most assuredly, develop and grow into one unique, questioning adult if not sooner.
F) I pause and marvel at how this little guy, moi, back when, made it without being put through a sieve or three. Think it must have been pure fortitude!!

G) Example: went to a local 'Walls-Mart' to order a new pair of reading glasses. On a Sunday, closing time was 5pm. When I got there at the 'glasses section', they were close...4:45pm...lights off.
I saw an empoyee walking around the darkened area, with ropes up, and politely asked what was the correct time...my watch must be wrong! She was very apologetic, explaing how they the "big" management at Walmart would NOT pay overtime, especially if a customer was standing there filling out papers to buy glasses. Therefore, the employees were forced to close earlier than the listed time for Sunday in front!!!! I realized that the employee was not the one at fault and asked to speak to THE main Walmart manager.....well, now.....
H) This past weekend: looked at a huge sign painted on the wall in front of a local CVS and their digital print cost. Sign announced that one-hour digital prints made on their machine at CVS was 19-cents each. When I used the machine to print out a batch, and sent to pay, the price had suddenly switched to 19-cents ONLY IF you printed 50 or more! Nowhere was that printed out for the general customer public.
I used my own "Customer Critique" form back home, copied it for records, and mailed. Explained the "bait and switch" scheme and politely gave that CVS five days to change the wall ad or the BBB would be contacted to begin a case. Also, sent a letter and e-mail to the national CVS headquarters explaing the "bait and switch" scheme with the same expectation. Beforehand, did look up NAMES and addresses of corporate and local officers ti hone right in on who was responsible.
H) Being SKEPTICAL can be a good "thang", for symbolic reasons.
I) This ponderer has gotten, years ago, tired of being taken advantage of by "ignorant" persons, meaning someone who doesn't understand, know or want to know the facts, with their own selfish reasons, in all walks of life.....hope this inspires you to do the same.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You're invited to ponder this poser for a spell. "I BELIEVE IN......"

A) I believe in myself...I like myself!!
B) I believe in "life" after life?
C) I believe in the sanctity of commitment in any form to a person. I believe in causes, like returning my America back to a freaking non-socialistic path!!!!!
D) I believe in 'education' as a primary goal?
E) I believe in KARMA?
F) I believe that my country, in general, is THE bestest in so many ways than ANY has ever been in the history of our planet!....I believe it! I will make NO apologies, like our current White House, to any other country!
G) I believe that I AM special as an individual and have a definite DESTINY....like some of you do!
H) I believe that I HAVE terrific talents, that I will develop them and use them to the fullest extent of my learned skills!
I) I believe in the philosophy of "pay it forward"...that it IS vital in our society to share at least something back, unannounced. For example: stood and opened the door at the local Wawa on Richmond Road, instead of flying thru and letting it bounce back into someone's face! Everyone actually said "thank you"...I returned with a "U R welcome!" This guy had almost given up on recognizing any appearance of social manners out and about!!
J) I believe in speaking up and out, even if my actions mean me standing out in left field by myself!
K) I believe, NOW, in exercising my bod, which in turn exercizes my MIND on!
L) I believe that: "Tell me what's wrong with me, and I'll listen to the end of nose; but tell me what's right with me, and I'll listen to the end of my---mind!!"
M) I believe in falling "IN LIKE" before romantically loving someone!
N) I believe in not giving up, not quitting...instead, figuring out and taking a chance, a risk, on another direction!...that "failure is success turned inside out...."
O) I believe that someone can....."turn scars into stars!"  Sure, it will take time and plenty of personal strength!
P) ....more......

Monday, August 16, 2010

543- MEET...DAMON DUNN!!!.........

***You're going to like and admire this guy who grew up in a rundown Texas trailer and hunted, fished to actually provide FOOD for the table!....ready?
A) Now, he lives in California, and this single parent son is running for his state's Secretary of State position this year!
B) Damon Dunn is campaigning for the California Secretary of State. Even though much of his formitable early life was spent in his natice Texas--high school honor student...Texas All-State football...valuing hard work--he earned a scholarship to Stanford University where he ran track, played football (quite well) and earned a handful of academic awards along the way! Yes, he remained in California, also "paying forward" in so many ways, mentoring and tutoring young Hispanics, Blacks and ANYONE locally, all without fanfare. He even found time to share his time at soup kitchens, too. Oh, he is now an associate pastor at Saddleback Baptist Church...heard of this church?
C) Damon, as a child back in his home State of Texas, knew what it was like to go to bed...hungry. But he also knew that he also had a duty to pay back, HAD to INSPIRE other youth! He likes, now, speaking to and with all types of listeners.

D) So....what do YOU think of Damon Dunn? You're invited to 'google' him to discover more.
When you do? You'll discover another neat surr-prise that you need to know about Damon Dunn...wait and see!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

542- AND NOW THERE ARE EIGT (8) squire BLOGS!....http: //SquiresPonderables.blogspot.com/.....

A) Thanks for checking on all seven (7) blogs!

B) http:  //TheSquiresPoliticalViews.blogspot.com/
C) http:  //TheVirginiaCollegiateScene.blogspot.com/
D) http:  //TheSquiresMtTales.blogspot.com/
E) http:  //thesquiresview.blogspot.com/
F) http:  //SquiresPonderables.blogspot.com/
G) http:  //VisionarySurr-prises-Epiphanies.blogspot.com/
H) http:  //theSquiresSATIRESHumor.blogspot.com/
I) http:  //I-Can-Imagine-It.blogspot.com/

(They are posted around our Amer-i-ca and into 50+ countries!!)

541- BRIAN CARDARELLI....HE was one of the GOOD GUYS!...

Brian Cardarelli...grad last year from James Madison University...25-years-young...and doing so much good for the real people of Afghanistan....
Brian was one of 10 civilians murdered in an attack in the backcountry in the "land of Afghans." Another one was a dentist, Dr. Tom, volunteering to bring dental health for the first time to the children and their families.
Brian was a videographer for the expedition, recording the GOOD DEEDS of his fellow mankind. His family lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia...we are with you, Cardarelli family and friends!

Friday, August 6, 2010

540- "HONOR MURDERS"...Social Commentary....

A) Islam "honor killings" within our Amerian society. I will not label them as 'honor killings.'
B) Shari'a...suggest you look up this term, soon...it's coming closer to a country near you...you need to read and ponder.
C) Latest is the story of two beautiful, highly intelligent sisters here in America.....
D) New Year's Day 2008...the mother and two Texas sisters left the house to escape...the 'father' then persuaded the mother that he just wanted to take the girls (17 and 18) out to eat. Later, the two sisters, VERY close in their relationship over the years, were found bloodily murdered to in that taxi! Sarah lived long enough to call 9-11 and, in her dying words, said that her father had shot them!!!!
E) Even as a Sociology and American government educator, this guy WILL NOT use the term "allegedly", instead declaring that the father MURDERED the two sisters!!
F) At his house, the FBI uncovered hundreds of secret video tapes taken of the two. He is originally from Egypt and a Muslim. The mother has claimed that he regularly beat his wife for years.....
G) And, originally, the FBI, on the wanted poster, declared that the dastardly murders were "honor killings." Mysteriously, and quietly, the term "honor killings" was removed from the FBI poster.........
H) Latest?....he immediately disappeared that day and has not been seen in any way since.....! The FBI...cannot find him??????????

Thursday, August 5, 2010


A) Kleenex....yes, the Kleenex "BaBoom-Snaps-Shield" TV commericial is absolutely one that sticks in your, my, thinking mind!! The children, in a classroom, are singing and performing this catchy song of "BaBoom...." You have to pay attention because it moves quickly from there to down a looooong hall, all in sync! All in sync so well done that it's unbelievable in scope!!!! Don't forget...before you know it, it's over...need to pay attention.
***Can go to...http: //Kleenex.com/backtoschool/kit.html...scroll to last page with the song outlined!
B) Hey, think back to last year, please. That GEICO "pothole" girl. Absolutely original, clever and memorable. Wish the rest of GEICO's TV commercials could do likewise, instead of 'irrigating' the heck out of us...HIT THAT "MUTE" button!
C) Add that GEICO commercial from earlier this year, with the little girl on the phone with her grandmother, asking a GEICO Rep how to tell her gramma, in Spanish, how to do something. This sweet little bi-lingual little girl, MARY IS HER NAME, was absolutely, totally precious!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


#1) LaQuinta...sooo BAD, very BAD! Makes fun of vintage movie clips by inserting in stupid-to-the-max dialogue. And the images of "new" room decor look exacly like the early, cheap '50s.
#2) TaxMasters....this spokesman's(?) face NEVER moves a fraction of his, uh, face and is so frightening in his demeanor. He did, over the past year, grow a beard, now making him, uh, wooly! By the way, did GOOGLE to the company to check out pros and cons....guess what? Major ethical problems with TaxMasters! DON'T even think about asking them for help....
#3) GEICO's nearly entire series centering around a spokesman introducing it and then switching to....."the pig we-weeing all the way home!"..."the analysis and the 'poor' guy on the couch!"..."the snowball battle!"  Don't believe me?  See one!  Makes you want to watch and pay for "premium TV" forever!!
++++(Don't forget, though, that fresh, creative GEICO commerical with the 'talking pothole'....good!!)